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Snack Menu

These menu items are offered to give you and your guests options for in-between meals or for late night munchies. For late night munchies we are happy to offer this menu up until midnight, assuming you have made prior arrangements to have the bar and kitchen manned until 1:00 a.m.


Please give us at least 3 days notice prior to your arrival to prepare your choices.



Platters ~ 16 - inch platters ~ good for 10-15 people snacking

•        Cheese and fruit platter ~ $68.50

•        Fruit platter ~ $58.50

•        Vegetable and dip ~ $58.50

•        Mixed deli platter with cheese, assorted salami, pepperoni, pickles and olives ~$68.50

•        Assorted Cold Cuts, Cheeses and buns with all of the condiments ~ $58.50

•        Nachos with Cheese Sour cream and Salsa ~ $35.50



•          Assorted chips, Cheesies, Pretzels and fresh hot buttered Popcorn ~ $25.50



Fire pit options ~ available during the hours when staff are on site and until 10.00 p.m. at the latest

•          Fire pit set up with chairs and 1 hour worth of fire wood ~ $35.50

•          Weiner roast, good for 10-12 people ~ $28.95.

•          Smores Station, good for 10-12 people ~ $24.95


12-14 - inch Pizza Options ~ $26.95 each


•          Seafood and Veggie Pizza

•          7 cheeses of the World Pizza

•          Classic Hawaiian Pizza

•          Mushroom Salami and Pepperoni

•          Vegetarian grilled veggie and feta



Hors d’ oeuvres ~ available until 8:00 p.m.

Choose assorted Hot and, or Cold canapés from the choices below.

We suggest a maximum of 4-6 pieces per person before dinner, otherwise your guests will be too full. There is a minimum order of 60 pieces.


Cold Canapés $3.25 per piece

•          Duck Liver Pate on Baguette

•          Smoked Oysters on Boursin

•          Blue cheese stuffed celery

•          Camembert Toasts

•          Spicy Shrimp Crackers

•          Smoked black forest ham asparagus

•          Wild Boar pate on toasted Rye

•          Smoked Salmon and crème fraiche

•          California rolls


Hot Canapés $4.25 per piece

•          Cheese’s of the World flatbread (7 types of cheese)

•          Dim Sum with dipping sauce

•          Baked 1000 sheet vegetarian surprises

•          Mushrooms kickers

•          Spanakopitas ~ spinach pies

•          Grilled Ham & Havarti Toast

•          Swedish meatballs in cream sauce

•        Balsamic Bruschetta baked with feta

•          Pyrogies, with crispy bacon, sour cream and chives