A Bear and Bison Inn
Silver Service Menus

Silver Service Menu Options

Bear and Bison

Silver Service #1

Tapas Cocktail Party

Cold Canapés


~ Choose 5 of the following:


•      Duck Liver Pate on Baguette

•      Smoked Oysters on Boursin

•      Celery & Blue cheese (V)

•      Camembert Toasts (V)

•      Spicy Shrimp on rice Crackers

•      House Pickled Asparagus wrapped in locally made ham, and cream cheese (V)

•     Cambozola Cheese topped crispy butter bun w/ port marinated Apricots (V)

•      Boar pate on toasted rye

•      Smoked Salmon and crème fraiche on toasted rye

•     Bell Peppers Zucchini & Eggplant Brochettes brushed w/ white balsamic(V)

•      California rolls ~ mixture of vegetable and seafood (V)



Hot Canapés


~ Choose 5 of the following:


•          Cheese’s of the world flatbread ~ 7 cheeses (V)

•          Dim Sum with dipping sauce

•          Triple cheese ~ grilled cheese (V)

•          Roasted garlic-tomato soup with basil cream (V)

•          Mushrooms kickers (V)

•          Open faced wild mushroom spanakopita’s ~ spinach pies (V)

•          Heritage Bacon Wrapped dates served on grainy dijon flavored port jus (V)  

•          Swedish meatballs in cream sauce

•          Balsamic Bruschetta baked with feta (V)

•          Perogies served with crispy bacon, sour cream and chives (V)

•          Three mushroom and Salami pizza (V)



Semi Main Course Dishes ~ served on small plate with fork only


~ Choose 5 of the following:


•      Mini New York Steak Sandwich with Garlic sautéed Prawns (V)

•      Slider of your choice from our Gourmet hot Sandwich menu (V)

•      Royal Cedar Plank Salmon with a Potato & Onion Marmalade

•      Four Cheese, Four Mushroom Barley Risotto with roasted Asparagus and Baby beet (V)

•      Grilled Lamb Chops brushed with mint sauce served with Butter-mashed potatoes

•      Prosciutto wrapped Scallops and Prawns Served on a Barley Mushroom risotto

•      Chicken Satay with sweet jalapeño chili glaze with steamed lemongrass basmati rice

•      Alberta Buffalo Stew in buttermilk bed of mashed potato

•      Vegetable Medley stuffed hand Cannelloni w/ Three Cheese béchamel (V)

•      Cinnamon Glazed pork Medallions with fresh herbs Cous Cous (V)

•      Curried Chicken with basmati rice and cracked corn poppadum’s (V)




Desserts (V)


~ Choose 3 of the following:


•      Homemade Ice Wine Truffles

•      Key lime pie squares

•      Almond brittle

•      Chocolate coated granola clusters

•      Chocolate covered Peanut butter fudge

•      Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse served in champagne flutes



Coffee and Tea service


$59.95 per person.

Plus, GST and applicable service charges and gratuities




Bear and Bison

Silver Service #2

International Food Tapas Party

Starter Platters ~ will be served on small platters around in the dining area placed on coffee and cocktail tables for your group to help themselves



~ Choose 3 of the following:


•    Fresh cut Seasonal Fruit platter (V)
•    Spring Vegetable platter ~ served with roasted garlic dip (V)
•    Spinach Asiago dip ~ served warm in a Sour Dough Bowl (V)
•    Deli plate ~ an assortment of deli Specialties ~ stuffed jalapeños, locally made sausages, smoked meats, olives, pickles and more
•    Mexican Nacho platter with all the fixings, served hot (V)
•    Marinated Vegetable Antipasto plate with Olives (V)
•    Cheeses of the world plate ~ with dried fruits and nuts (V)
•    Tzatsiki and warm Pita bread crisps (V)



Hot Canapés


~ Choose 4 of the following:


•    Spicy Curried Vegetable Mushroom Caps (V)
•    Open faced Bacon & Onion Pie with 3 Cheeses (V)
•    Mini Grilled Reuben Sandwiches with Montreal smoked meat (V)
•    Caramelized onion stuffed puff pastry rolls with fresh herbs
•    Roasted Veal Meatballs in a sage velouté with shaved parmesan on ciabatta bread
•    Chicken Dim Sum with dipping sauce
•    Basil & Feta Bruschetta w/ a balsamic drizzle on locally baked focaccia (V)
•    Pan fried Potato & Onion perogies, crispy bacon, sour cream & chives (V)



Semi / Small Main Course dishes ~ served on a small plate with a fork only, no knife required. Presented on the chosen theme plate with the exception of the first two items which are served individually

 ~ Choose 4 of the following:


Individually plated choices:
•    Mini Surf and Turf Alberta Prime Rib Steak Sandwiches served with garlic sautéed prawns (V)
•    Cedar plank served Crown Royal Marinated Salmon with a potato & onion marmalade


Mediterranean plate ~ served with baby mozzarella and fine ripened tomato and a side salad topped with a Balsamic Fig dressing (V)
•    Focaccia baked Bruschetta with parmesan, mozzarella and feta (V)
•Creamy Basil & Cheese Polenta with Mini Sage &Veal meatballs
•Oven baked Italian style vegetable Cannelonny (hahaha…) topped with a fire roasted roma tomato sauce and goat’s cheese (V)
•Roasted Corn Risotto with Asparagus and Portobello Mushrooms (V)
•Spinach, mushroom & beef lasagna w/ parmesan & asiago sauce topped with fresh basil (V)
•Chicken cacciatore ~ oven braised with ripe tomatoes, peppers, mushroom, olives and fresh herbs


Asian plate ~ served with kitchen sink stir fired rice (V)
•    Slow roasted sweet chili pork ribs
•    Sweet and sour prawns with grilled pineapple (V)
•    Black bean sauce marinated fried scallops (V)
•    Filipino pancit a flavorful noodle dish with shrimp and chicken
•    Stir fried gingered Thai vegetable medley w/ tofu (V)


Mexican Plate ~ with refried beans, salsa, guacamole and sour cream (V)
•    Pulled pork enchiladas with cilantro (V)
•    Falling off the bone spiced beef ribs
•    Chicken taquitos with spicy cheese sauce
•    Spicy chicken stuffed taco’s with tomato (V)
•    Grilled vegetable wraps with blackened onions, corn, peppers and goats’ cheese (V)




Desserts (V)


~ Choose 3 of the following:


•    Almond brittle
•    Baileys Cream flutes with peanut butter fudge
•    Mud Cookies
•    Tiramisu
•    Mini Nut pies, like pecan pie but nuttier



Coffee and Tea service


$59.95 per person.

Plus, GST and applicable service charges and gratuities




Bear and Bison


Onsite Ceremony & Hosting

Bear and Bison

Silver Service #3

Tapas Style BBQ Dinner

Cold Plates ~ will be served on small platters around in the indoor or outdoor dining area placed on coffee and cocktail tables for your group to help themselves


~ Choose 3 of the following:


•    Spring fresh vegetable tray and peppercorn ranch dip (V)
•    Seasonal cut fresh fruit tray (V)
•    Seafood taco salad platter (mini taco’s) (V)
•    Spinach and artichoke dip with baguette crisps (V)
•    Mixed nuts, chips and pretzels
•    Beef taco salad platter (mini taco’s) (V)
•    Assorted smoked sausages and jerky boards
•    Cheese and fruit boards with crackers (V)


Cold Canapés


~ Choose 3 of the following:

•    Cream cheese stuffed celery with a green jalapeño jelly (V)
•    Smoked Gouda Cheese Toasts with dried apricots (V)
•    Cajun Spiced Shrimp Crackers
•    Grilled Balsamic drizzled Mediterranean Vegetable Skewer (V)
•    Devilled Eggs with a Peppered dill filling (V)
•    Smoked Salmon fingers with capered cream cheese
•    Feta stuffed red jalapeños peppers (V)
•    Seasonal Fruit brochettes with fresh berries (V)


Hot Canapés


~ Choose 4 of the following:


•    7 Cheeses of the World flatbread (V)
•    Chicken Dim Sum with dipping sauce
•    Mushrooms kickers (V)
•    Spanakopita Quiche (V)
•    Chicken and 3 cheese Taquitos
•    Grilled Ham & Havarti Toast (V)
•    Pulled pork Quesadilla’s with Sour cream.
•    Flame Charred Meatballs in Curry sauce
•    Perogies, served with sour cream and chives (V)
•    Roasted Pepper, and Zucchini Vegetarian pizza with Goats cheese (V)


BBQ Main Course

~ Choose 5 of the following:


•    Items Served on silver trays to your group by our staff
•    Mini Havarti Baconator Cheeseburgers with an Anchor chili ‘Secret Sauce’
•    Mini New York Steak Sandwiches served with a Fresh herb-garlic bread (V)
•    Bratwurst, Cheese Smokies and Hot dogs served in buns with all the fixing’s
•    Sloppiest Joes served on mini bagels ~ Mild, Hot, Screaming Hot, your choice (V)
•    Items served with a chef’s salad (V) on small plates with a fork
•    Whiskey Marinated Salmon with Onion Marmalade cooked on Cedar Shim
•    Cajun Spiced Prawns & chicken skewers
•    Grilled Habanero Black Bean Corn wraps (V)
•    Bruschetta baked with feta (V)
•    Items served with Dressed Baked New Potato, Gourmet Baked Beans ~ 3 types of beans with roasted peppers, caramelized onions and fresh herbs plus a Corn on the Cob (V)
•    BBQ Chicken
•    Honey-Garlic glazed Pork Sparerib
•    Grilled Lamb chops brushed with mint sauce.
•    Slow grilled Prime Rib Bones with our homemade BBQ sauce*
•    Pork chops with garlic butter
•    Portobello Mushroom and Vegetable Brochettes finished with pesto (V)
*    when available



Desserts (V)


~ Choose 3 of the following:


•    Baked cheese straws with 3 kinds of Cheddar
•    Chocolate brownies with Whipped cream   
•    New York cheese cake with a berry topping
•    Raspberry tart fingers with cinnamon whipped cream for dipping
•    Pecan pie with honey cream
•    Maple mousse served in champagne flutes


Coffee and Tea service


$59.95 per person.

Plus, GST and applicable service charges and gratuities




Formal Silver Service Dinner Parties ~ Chef’s Notes


The idea behind the Silver Service menu series came from the frequently made comment, “We would rather avoid the traditional seated dinner, as our group enjoys a casual mingling experience, but really does like good food”.


 Our arrangements below, provide the best flexibility for larger groups. We aim to provide the highest quality in service with only the finest local ingredients used wherever possible. 


Casual seating will be provided for about 40% of the guests. Usually we find this is plenty as some people will sit and chat for a bit, then get up to go to the bar for a drink and on way become involved in a new conversation across the room.  We will continue to offer everyone food, whether they are in the reception room on a deck or in the garden.  Our servers deliver trays of appetizers and main courses during the service period, and a night of social mingling and dining relaxes everyone.


Service ~ is designed to be easy flowing and not intrusive. Food service will begin promptly at your specified time and takes approximately 2 hours, depending on how the evening progresses. Although designed to feel casual for your guests these are fully serviced dinners. We include the correct number of servers to ensure that dinner service is exceptional.


Seating and Table configurations ~ can change based on your number of guests. We find that your numbers will change right up until check in, and usually the numbers drop from your initial guest list, often by as much as 15%. Please remember for this menu, we do require a final confirmation of numbers by 3:00pm the day before.


Minimum numbers for Silver Service Menu ~ are 20 adults with a full inn rental. The minimum numbers are in place to ensure the inn’s cost of putting on this style of dinner service is met. If you would like to have this dinner and you are below the minimum number, we would require a supplemental charge of ½ the price of the missing number of guests required to bring the total to 20.


Maximum number ~ 60-65 adults can be served with this menu. Children age 11 and below are counted separately. Please see below for children’s options.


Upgrades are available ~ and designed to take these menus to another level while still maintaining great value. Upgrades vary depending upon what you have in mind.

If there is something you do not see on the menu just let us know and we’ll be sure to work something out for you!


Choice is available ~ This menu series is all about choice.  The real benefit is that you can order what you want, and still give everyone lots of choice. For example, if you have a guest(s) who are allergic to seafood you can still pick 2 or 3 items of seafood leaving them with 15 other choices. Considerations will be made, at no cost to you, for diet requirements for example, no red meat or vegetarians. Our goal is to provide as many items for each diet requirement through subtle changes to the menu items.  If you picked the steak sandwich and had someone who did not eat red meat, then we would do them a grilled garlic bread sandwich (hot) with grilled marinated bell peppers, caramelized onions and brie cheese or something along those lines. Most importantly, you can interchange individual items with other Silver Service menus. Please ask if you have specific questions.


*V* symbolizes options that are suitable for Vegetarians and/or Vegans (most times) with minor changes made to the individual’s dish. Please ensure that we know ahead of time who and how many Vegetarians or Vegans you have in your group and if they bend the rules (i.e. the vegetarian who eats fish) as this will help us out greatly when it comes to serving them the best possible alternatives.


Options for children ~  (ages 2 - 11) Two options:


#1. Eat off the adult menu for half the price of the adult menu

#2. We can do a kid’s party for $15.75 per child and include the following items:


Veggie platter

Fruit platter

Cheese pizza

Ice cream treat


When your numbers are approaching 60 and you have a bunch of kids, we suggest taking the kids party option and locating it in either the library or Room #7 or #8. The children in a separate party can be counted on top of our maximum number, so in theory you could have 60 adults, and 8 kids (as long as they eat separately).

*12 years and older are billed as adults, unless you wanted them to eat from the kid’s party then the price would vary based on age.


Chef’s note ~ our waiters and waitresses will serve a seemingly endless amount of food.  It will be taken to all corners of the building and garden. 

With so many choices listed in these menu’s there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Our kitchen will be making everything fresh a la minute. Some of the options may be a little more risqué…. but, again, with so many choices, we ensure everyone has plenty to enjoy.

The chef’s point of view on this, is that with so many choices,

 We can move away from the more traditionally safe menu items into something a little more diverse and exciting.


Bon Appetite!


Lonny (Owner and Chef)